December 22, 2013

Dear Lila,

My vivacious little toddler! 
You sure left your more quiet and reserved self behind the moment you hit two years old, and to be honest, I do love your new-found spunkiness.  You make life eternally FUN! 

Your incoherent babble is now usually replaced with full-on sentences.

You love to pull funny faces.

You are so patient with a lack of naps as you often get carted around wherever Mommy has to go.

You love to parrot your big sister.  When asked how old you are, you usually chirp, "I four!" :)

You LIVE to be outside.  Living upstairs from the Scoresby family has been your greatest dream-come-true as "Miss Mary" or "Grandma Mary" (as you affectionately call her) takes you out to feed the horses and chickens every morning rain, shine, wind, or snow.

You usually get all your snow gear back on to go back outside within 10 minutes of coming back inside! 

And boy do you love Grandma Mary's four wheeler rides.
Mom has some serious competition in the "coolness" department! 

You still suck your thumb and love your blankey.

You are a big eater and outeat your sister at every meal--usually eating twice as much as she can.

You may look like Mommy, but those Christensen chocolate-lover genes run strong because you loooooove chocolate!

You still sleep like a champ but have frequent nightmares and nose bleeds at night that wake you up.

I think you'd like to be potty trained, but I'm hoping there will be no harm in waiting for that until after baby brother gets here!

Your gappy smile is my favorite and you are such a happy littler girl!

You have an obsession with wanting to run around shirtless unless you can wear dress-ups, so lately you have been wearing the princess dress-ups all day and everywhere we go.

You are still obsessed with your Grandma Willardson.  Maybe it's some sort of special "Lila bond".

You will still let me cuddle you first thing in the morning and it's one of the best parts of my day.

You are in danger of being gobbled up by Mommy and Daddy because of your cuteness!
I certainly hope this new baby won't be too rough of an adjustment on you, but what a lucky little brother to have such a fun big sister in you.  
Love you to pieces,

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