October 2, 2013

All this food!

A few things have occurred lately that are both marvelous and dangerous:
1) My nausea has become more than tolerable.
2) My aversions to foods and smells has greatly diminished.
3) I have a voracious appetite and a particular craving for ret meat (must need the iron!)
4) Delicious food has thrown itself at me everywhere I go!

First off, Garrett made a moose tenderloin stuffed with peppers, goat cheese, spinach, and basil one night and drizzled a port wine sauce over it.  YUM!

                       Not to mention all the moose sausage and burger we've been consuming....

It seems I've been making lots of treats and goodies for our Young Women on activity nights (i.e. I've been eating a lot of snacks and goodies lately) like these Italian bread sticks dipped in marinara sauce:

And then my mom gave me the world's most delicious chocolate chip cookie recipe (no, seriously) and Garrett (aka the cookie monster) won't stop making them. 
Yep, that cookie is the size of my face! 

And then I spent an entire day with family and friends baking cinnamon rolls for a fundraiser my good friend put on to help raise money for her sister who is battling cancer.  
We made over 1800 cinnamon rolls of different varieties in one day.
It was so much fun (and so delicious)!
Here are a bunch of coconut pecan cinnamon rolls with maple brown sugar frosting.

Of course there were "ugly rolls" that we couldn't sell, so someone had to eat those, right?!  
And then I had to bring home some extras so they wouldn't go to waste, right?!
So it's pretty safe to say I've eaten a year's worth of cinnamon rolls in the past week.

While there is nothing more relieving/satisfying than being able to eat and enjoy food again, I may be going a little overboard. :) 

Not quite 26 weeks and the baby is sure enjoying all the food I've been feeding him.
And even though I didn't gain a whole lot of weight during my previous pregnancies, I am about to surpass how much I weighed at the end of my other pregnancies.  14 weeks left (and supposedly the weeks where you gain the most weight--yikes!)
Food, I love you, but do you have to be so delicious?!  It's hard for this pregnant gal to slow down

I think this picture sums my life up quite nicely these days..... ;)


Megan and Jared said...

You should post some moose recipes!! The hubby has a moose tag this year and I want to cook the meat so I'll enjoy it. I've only had moose once and it was cooked a way I didn't like so I'm nervous to try it again :)

Holly June said...

Megan, Moose meat can be pretty gamey tasting depending on where you get it. Alaskan moose is pretty mild and awesome, but I think the best thing to do with moose is to turn it into burger and seasoned sausage, then it tastes amazing! :)

The Allen Family said...

Holly, you look amazing! I miss you my friend!

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