July 22, 2013

Utah Trip Part I

Our trip to Utah was primarily to attend the Oberg Family Reunion at Bear Lake, but since trips to Utah seem to only come once every 3-or-so years, we left a few days early and crammed a lot into our 9 day vacation. 
First stop after picking up our rental car: Jamba Juice.

Is it sad that when planning my Utah trips I get most excited to eat at all my old favorite places??  Regardless, Jamba Juice was my saving grace last pregnancy, and it definitely helped ease my queasiness with all the driving we did in Utah, so we went quite a few times while we were down there.  Love me some Jamba Juice! :)

Between shopping, visiting my old roomies, introducing my girls to BYU campus, and visiting with our extended Christensen family, we hit Seven Peaks water park on a 108 degree day.
Everyone had a blast, but no amount of SPF 50 could keep us from getting lobster-red. 

Uncle Joey and Kenners work on their "body sass":

And Auntie Hanna joins in on the "body sass" fun:

Aunties Hanna and Sadie take turns snuggling a pooped-out Lila:

Going to go on the slides!

After waking up from her nap and while getting ready to leave, Lila couldn't resist trying to run into the pool one more time!

(I swear I was there, but somehow as the mommy and picture-taker, I am rarely in front of the camera anymore?!)

The next day we met up with our Minson cousins (on Garrett's side), Kenadie found a BFF in her older  and incredibly sweet cousin Celeste, and the adults stayed up chatting until 2am.  We had so much fun with Darren and Nattalie. :) 

Kenadie and Celeste playing dress-up.

Please note the band-aid over Kenadie's nose.  A tiny blister from her sunburn could not be left unprotected and Kenadie insisted on wearing that massive band-aid for four days until it finally fell off and I conveniently couldn't find a band-aid to replace it.  She is a piece of work, that girl!

It's amazing how much you can see and do in one weekend with two tiny kids in tow and on little sleep.  We had a blast and for the first time in a long time, I really started to miss living in Utah......

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