July 9, 2013

This Time Around

They say every pregnancy is different,
To which I had to completely disagree last pregnancy seeing as it was pretty much identical to my first: constant puking, trips to the hospital, no baby bump until 20+ weeks.  
They were the same
and I was expecting the same this time around. 
However, this pregnancy has been really different from the other two......
To my pleasant surprise, the morning sickness has not been bad enough to land me in the hospital--I'm so grateful for this!! 
This time around, "morning sickness" seems to get worse as the day progresses, so while I feel pretty awful by the evening and have some pretty rough nights, I'm usually able to accomplish more in the mornings than I could with the other pregnancies, another thing I (and my girls) are really grateful for.
Instead of losing 15 pounds, I've only lost 5 (and I'm starting to gain, which is something I didn't do until close to the 20 week mark last time)! 
I'm about 10x more exhausted this time around.  My brain doesn't feel as foggy, but I have never felt so drained of energy (or the ability to stay awake) in my life! 
No heartburn yet, and hopefully I can avoid it a little longer. 
And at 13.5 weeks, I'm showing much earlier than I did with my other two.
Here are the visuals for you.........

25 weeks pregnant with Kenadie:

20 weeks pregnant with Lila:

13.5 weeks pregnant this time around:

So what do these differences all mean? 
Well, Garrett is hoping it means that maybe there's a little boy on the way.  :)
Guess we'll find out in about 6 more weeks!
We are feeling so grateful and blessed to be expecting this baby and are excited to meet him/her this winter. 

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