July 9, 2013

There and Back Again

What do you get when you combine the following into 10 short days.........

~A family trip from Alaska to Utah
~A day of shopping and eating at the best places around Utah Valley
~A reunion with most all my old college roommates (of which I didn't take a single picture?! Must have had my hands full of kids....)
~A dinner at Bombay House (so glad my stomach decided to cooperate for that dinner!)
~Fun evenings and mornings staying with Grandma-Great (Garrett's incredibly cool and sweet grandma)
~A family reunion of sorts with a great deal of our extended Christensen family
~Another family reunion of sorts with our extended Minson family
~Talking until 2am with Garrett's cousins and wishing we could live next door to them (love you, Darren and Nattalie!)
~A day at a water park in Salt Lake City during a 108 degree heat wave
~Really bad sunburns
~A jam-packed, super-fun, 3 day Oberg Family Reunion at Bear Lake, Utah.
~Little sleep the entire time thanks to visiting with family/morning sickness/late nights/early-rising children
~A trip to Idaho Falls to visit my sister, celebrate Kenadie's birthday, enjoy the 4th of July, and do more water-parking, shopping, and eating?

I'll tell you what you get:
Children finding sleep wherever and whenever they can


and Mommy (myself) falling asleep in the middle of a conversation with Kenadie on our flight home.  Not only did I fall asleep mid-sentence, but I kept talking and was apparently saying weird things, because when Kenadie woke me up my shaking me and saying, "Mom, what in the heck are you talking about?!", I was saying something about having her focus the camera better when the original conversation had entailed an explanation of how the pilot would safely land the plane. 
I think the combination of a busy vacation, sleep deprivation, and pregnancy-exhaustion are starting to effect me. :) 
Once my brain starts to function again properly, I'll be back with pictures of our amazing vacation......

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