July 24, 2013

My Big, Fat Oberg Reunion, Bear Lake 2013

After a fun weekend as a little family,
we joined our very large Oberg Family at Bear Lake, Utah for our first reunion in 13 years.  
I believe our Oberg family currently totals 120 people and we are spread out all over the country, so the fact that over 100 of us were able to come is quite impressive! 

We stayed at this very nice mansion/house

with 17 bedrooms with their own bathrooms, a large bunk room for a bunch of the kids, a gaming room (where more people slept), a huge kitchen and gathering room, a pool, a hot tub, a playground, a volleyball court, and a field to play games on. 
 It was perfect for a loud, fun-filled reunion for my Oberg grandparents (whose family this is).

Grandpa literally flew off a rock wall on his riding lawn mower just days before the reunion and despite a few broken ribs and a broken collar bone, he insisted on making it down for the reunion.  He epitomizes what a "tough Oberg" is! 

Aren't they cute?! :)

First on Lila's agenda?  To jump into the hot tub fully-clothed while under Grandpa Willardson's supervision.  His excuse?  "She wanted to so badly.  How could I deny her happiness??"  Typical grandpa. :)

First on Kenadie's agenda?  Find and play with her cousin and long-lost BFF Brookie.

Days at the Lake: 
After getting settled in the first afternoon/evening and letting the kids pay to their hearts' content in the pool, we spent the next few days at the North Shore of the lake--definitely the nicest beach on Bear Lake, in my humble opinion.  The drive to the north shore didn't have a bad view either:

And here's the picture overload of all our lake fun........

 (Lila decided to chill for awhile in the shade with the babies)

 (Free advertising for Hapari swimsuits)

 (Lila on Lila)

While I hung out on the beach with the kiddos and other mommies, some adventurous souls went out wakeboarding and riding on the banana boat.
My mom and her four sisters were brave enough to ride together while their older brother David drove the boat--and I hear he showed no mercy!

 I love all these ladies having such a good time together.  Hopefully this will be me and my siblings in 20+ years. :)

Of course our trip to Bear Lake would not have been complete without all 100+ of us taking a trip to LaBeau's for their famous raspberry shakes.

Our last afternoon of the reunion, we had the Oberg Family Olympics complete with all sorts of fun races and games....

Fishing for bubble gum in a plate full of whipped cream:

The classic orange pass relay:


And the three-legged race:

Followed by a massive family water balloon fight:

And then a big ol' family picture:

Can you believe that this picture is still missing about 15 members of our family?!  We are HUGE!

What a fun reunion!
Lots of good food, good company, and good weather.  My only regret was not feeling well enough to stay up for all the late-night hot tub runs and games of Nerts.  Maybe next time?
We're so grateful we got to go as a family and even more grateful for those who put everything  together.  The only down-side was that it was not nearly long enough! :)

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