August 1, 2013

Kenners Turns 4!

Kenadie's birthday this year landed right in the middle of our Oberg Family Reunion, so we had planned on celebrating her birthday with a party on the 4th, and told her that she would even get fireworks after her party as compensation for having to hold off a few days on celebrating.

(Bad mom moment of the year: close to noon on the 2nd--her birthday--while playing at the lake, Kenadie looked up at me from where she was constructing her sand castle, and said, "Hey, Mom!  You got-fer (forgot) that it's my happy birthday today and now I'm 4!!!"  I was mortified that I had completely forgotten and that I hadn't wished her a happy birthday until she had to remind me what day it was!  *Hand slap to the forehead.*)

So after getting to Katie's house in Idaho Falls on the 4th, we had a spaghetti dinner and a yummy ice cream cake for Kenadie's brithday.
(Kenadie with spaghetti sauce all over her face, excited about her birthday cake)

Hello Kitty and My Little Ponies were all the presents this girl could ever want.  She is obsessed!

While we were in Utah the week before, Grandma Great gave Kenadie her birthday card with $10 a little early, and that girl proudly and obsessively carried that card around everywhere.

And then this week we (finally) cashed in Kenadie's birthday money from Grandma Christensen and this little girl has had a few days in heaven with her new ponies and her new play food for her kitchen.

I can't say enough about our spunky little Kenners.
She sure can give her momma a hard time, but she is also the most fun and hilarious kid.  Apparently she keeps our entire church Primary laughing with her comments and antics; it doesn't surprise me at all.  I love this unique little girl!

A few Kenner-isms as of late:

Kenadie has quite the imagination.  She has been telling everyone (l.i.t.e.r.a.l.l.y) that she has a brother named "Sonic", that she's getting a pony 4-wheeler soon, and that she is going to fly on a pony airplane tomorrow.  Umm.....okay?!

Kenadie can be quite the bossy sister and possessive of her toys (i.e. she doesn't like to share with Lila), but when we're out and about, she has to make sure that I "keep an eye on Lila", that everyone is being nice to Lila, and that Lila is safe.  She throws huge fits when Lila goes for 4-wheeler rides with her aunties, gets on the trampoline, or when she rode on the jet ski at Bear Lake because she was convinced that Lila was going to get hurt.

Kenadie is obsessed with My Little Ponies lately and takes her ponies everywhere with her in her second favorite possession: a cheap, clear, plastic Goldfish backpack that Auntie Annie gave her.
Kenadie even makes sure to take the ponies in the tub with her and washes their bodies and hair thoroughly.  This is started to create a problem as I see the shampoo bottle quickly empty.

 Kenadie LOVES being in the water.  We hit up a few water parks and Bear Lake while in Utah and she couldn't get enough water and sunshine.  She also learned the fine art of sun-bathing. :)

Her body sass is getting out of control!

She is obsessed with people's ages and how "fun" it is to be a certain age (she tells Lila that being 2 is not very fun).  The other day she asked me how old I am and when I replied with "29", she said, "Oooooo!  That sounds like LOTS of fun!"  Thanks for the boost, girl!  29 is a rockin' age if I may say so myself! :)

Kenadie continues to have the most enviable hair on the planet as it is about down to her waist now.

 Too bad she will only let me do it nicely on Sundays......

Our little neighbor boy has a battery-powered four wheeler and that thing has become the bane of my existence as Kenadie begs me every morning to go over and ride on that thing.  She would ride it all day long if she could.

Kenadie wants so so badly to go to school and be a big kid.  I'm crossing my fingers that we can get her into our school district's preschool or get involved in a preschool co-op.  She lives to be around friends and she loves doing worksheets and preschool-related learning activities.

Happiest (super-belated) birthday, Kenners!  You are a big blessing to your family and keep us laughing and learning every day.  I'm so blessed to get to be your mommy.


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