June 10, 2013

She's 2!

This little munchkin
turned 2 last week.
I can't believe that our "Baby Lila" really isn't a baby anymore! 
She is beginning to speak in full sentences, has mastered the art of taking selfies on Mommy's camera:

and thinks she ought to do everything by herself and just like her sister, so I really shouldn't be surprised that she is a big girl now. :)

I had a random, several-day reprieve from "morning sickness" last week allowing me to do the grocery shopping, clean the house, and make a princess castle cake all in preparation for a little family party for Lila.  It was such a tender mercy. 

With a lot of eager help from Kenners, here is Lila's birthday cake creation:

After grilling hamburgers and hot dogs Lila blew out her candle (or actually, after 20+ failed attempts to blow it out she got a little help), we had some cake and ice cream, and then opened presents.

Blurring past the camera with her new Minnie Mouse grocery cart:

And then play time outside with all the cousins and her new presents:

Happy birthday, sweet Lila.  You bring our family so much sunshine; we couldn't imagine life without you. 

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