June 10, 2013

After May Snow Showers.....

.......comes the most beautiful, sunshine-y, perfect June, apparently! 
The last few weeks have given us near-perfect weather and here's this coming week's forecast:

If this is how the summer is going to be, then the May snowstorms were totally worth it! 
It's been HOT (for Alaska) with temps in the 80's, sunny skies, sunburned cheeks, plenty of evenings grilling, and lots of running through sprinklers. 
The girls beg me to go to Grandma and Grandpa's house everyday to play on their huge lawn, jump on their trampoline, and take rides on the four-wheeler through the woods. 

Kenadie is in ice cream heaven!

 Our church's youth group had a blast running through a giant slip-and-slide the other evening:

 Daddy has taken the girls hiking several times:

And we have spent quite a few days at the park:

What an awesome summer!
Alaska, you are completely redeeming yourself. :)

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