June 10, 2013

Making me smile.......

Someone came to my door the other day and asked if my mom was home.  :)  Seeing as it was a solicitor, I played my apparent teenage-looks to my advantage and said, "Nope, she's out for the afternoon." Solicitor: gone! :)


My girls are still quite the snuggle bugs.  They are such cute sisters.


More selfies taken by Lila while I try to catch up on the blog:


Kenadie's Sunbeam teacher told me about her awesome prayer in church yesterday: "Dear Heavenly Father, please help the Daddy mosquitos (mosquito-eaters) to eat the mean little mosquitos so they won't bite me anymore."  I guess there was an enthusiastic "amen" from all the other mosquito-bitten 3 year olds in the class. :) 


Garrett and I hiked Thunderbird Falls on a morning date the other week and he couldn't help but pick up the trash he saw along the trail:

This guy kills me.  By the end of our hike he had filled his arms and mine with trash.  Yuck!  He even contemplated going back for the trash that we couldn't fit in our arms.  I was so unaware that he is such an environmental enthusiast?!  Never a dull date with Garrett! 


This was Kenadie's description of me that she wrote in church on Mother's Day:

I love that there is no place I'd rather go than to the (grocery) store?!
I also love that most of her answers were actually perfect descriptions of her father and not me. :)


These little babies:

I normally don't eat candy, but for those trying to endure morning sickness, may I suggest sour candy?  It is my saving grace during our 3-hour block of church on Sundays and allows me to actually attend my meetings instead of hide out in the bathroom.  The more sour, the better!


Kenadie is not one to be left out of taking her own selfies!


These two cannot last a Sunday afternoon without taking a snooze: 

Like father, like daughter. :)


aye chee wa wa carrrrrrrumba said...
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aye chee wa wa carrrrrrrumba said...
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Camber said...

I love your updates, Holly, and congrats on being pregnant again! You are such a wonderful mom and I admire you SO MUCH for making the sacrifice to have another baby knowing how sick it makes you. Also, HOLY COW Lila's birthday cake is awesome. Jealous.

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