May 31, 2013


A lot of the same questions asked recently, here are the answers. :)

Q: How far along are you/when are you due?
A: Well, I was fairly sure that I was about 9 weeks along until the other day when I had my first ultrasound.  Upon looking at the screen, I said, "Ummm, that does not look like a 9 weeks fetus."
  "Nope.  Looks like you're about 7 1/2 weeks along."
  "Sooo, I basically got sick about the time I conceived?!"
The OB gave me a sympathetic look. "I'll go make sure that Zofran prescription has plenty of refills."
Thanks, doc.
Baby has a strong heartbeat and is due sometime in the first half of January. :)

Q: So you're sick again with this pregnancy?
A: Yes, and while I don't like it, I'm not complaining.  Yes, I've tried all the detoxes and healthy eating and every morning sickness remedy you can imagine, and the result is the same.  Some people have preterm labors, others have babies with congenital malformities, and some women can't even get pregnant; I just get really sick.  It could be so much worse and I just feel fortunate that I can have healthy pregnancies, so I no longer feel the need to stress over how I can "get rid of it".  It is what it is and I'm grateful for my blessings. 

Q: Anything different about this pregnancy so far?
A: I feel 10x more exhausted this time around, but that's probably just because I have two munchkins to run after.  I also started feeling sick right away, which is a bummer because I didn't get sick until about week 6 with my other two.  I had planned on using the time before the morning sickness hit to prepare a lot of freezer meals for my family, but seeing as there was no time between finding out I was pregnant and getting sick, we are left with PBJ's, cereal, string cheese, and fruit.  Poor little family.

Q: Who's your OB?
A: Well, I'm going to a clinic called Integrated Women's Wellness comprised of a husband-wife team.  The husband is an OBGYN and his wife is a midwife.  They are kind of awesome, and I will be seeing the midwife but can thankfully still get my zofran prescription through her husband.

Q: A midwife?!  As in.....home birth? Oooohhhhh....... (cricket, cricket)
A: I know!  I was pretty anti-homebirth until I realized the cost difference between having a baby at home versus at a birthing center or the hospital (having insurance that does not cover maternity care has really made me look a little more at health care costs!).  However, my midwife's OBGYN husband is her assistant in the home and they are both highly skilled, experienced, and confident (plus, I have a pretty good labor track-record), so I'm getting a little less freaked-out over the idea of homebirth as time progresses and am starting to feel really comfortable about the whole thing.  

Q: Will you find out if you're having a boy or a girl?
A: I could honestly wait for the "surprise", but Garrett wants a boy so bad that I told him if we have another girl, I'd rather him get over the disappointment before the baby arrives.  What a stinker!

Q: Have you told the girls yet?
A: I wasn't planning on telling the girls for awhile, but after Kenadie's repeated concern over why I've been so sick lately, I finally told her that Mommy has a baby growing in her belly and it sometimes makes me sick.  Kenadie is obsessed with this baby.  She asks me to stop puking because "your baby doesn't like it".  She tells me I need to drink some milk "because the baby is so hungry".  And she loves to look at the alien-like ultrasound pictures and fetal development pictures on the computer so she always knows "what the baby looks like now".  She's convinced it's a girl.
Lila is completely oblivious in her two year-old little world. :)

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