January 26, 2013

Family Pictures {7 months later}

Waaaaay back in July, my talented sister-in-law took our family pictures (we hadn't had any "professional" pictures since Kenadie was 9 months old.  Yikes!).  Unfortunately Kenadie was not too cooperative with her facial expressions and Lila would NOT keep anything in her hair, so we didn't get many "nice" pictures of the family, but we got some awesomely hilarious pictures of Kenadie and a few precious candids as well.  And now that it is 7 months later, I think I'll finally post them up here for everyone to see!! (slacker much?)

Our best pictures:

Our girls:

The barn cat that Kenadie HAD to include in the photo shoot:

Sweet baby Lila (I wonder if I'll ever stop calling her "baby"?!):

Me and the Mister:

(We weren't always cooperative either)

Garrett was so disappointed that we didn't get a really nice/normal-looking picture of Kenadie to hang up on our wall.  I think they're fabulous and showcase her personality perfectly.  He refuses to let me display her craziness on our wall for the world to see.  What do you think?

 (I actually think this one is pretty cute!)

Leave it to Kenadie to keep life (and family photo shoots) interesting.
Thanks for the pictures, Jenny!  I'm thinking Kenadie is really going to love these someday! ;)

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