January 26, 2013

Best Idea Ever

Anyone who has little kids and is on any sort of a budget, probably rarely goes on dates.  Going out is expensive.  If you're anything like us, then by the time you've paid the babysitter, you have enough money to split a Subway footlong sandwich and browse the aisles of the thrift store.  And even then, you probably go on these dates just a few times a year.  
Sound familiar? 

Well, a few months ago my brilliant friend had an idea to start a babysitting co-op with three other families in our church.  Families take turns watching all the kids one Friday night a month for 4 hours while the other couples get to go out on a date.   So we take our turn babysitting once a month and get to go on 3 dates a month.  It has been wonderful and so needed! 
Without having to pay for a babysitter, we've graduated to being able to eat out at fancier places than Subway. ;)
It's amazing what a few hours together without the kids will do to improve a marriage and help "recharge the batteries".  

The other week it was our turn to babysit the kiddos (6 in total) and we had a blast!  We ate quesadillas, made cookies to share with the missionaries, made princess and prince crowns out of pipe cleaners, colored and used Kenadie's fancy stickers from her Christmas stocking, and watched a movie and ate popcorn on the girls' pillow beds.  So much fun!  

Even more fun was our date last night.  We got to use a gift certificate to a nice restaurant and then come home and watch a Redbox movie in peace and quiet.  
Then we picked up the kiddos, brought them home, and actually enjoyed putting them to bed, haha!  
So if you happen to be in the same date-less boat that we were in, might I suggest starting a babysitting co-op?  It has been nice to spend alone time with the husband again, has been great for the girls to get to play with friends, and has made for an overall-happier mommy and daddy. 

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