January 21, 2013

Meanwhile in the sick-house.....

My plans for the new year included working out more, consistent meal planning, more play dates with friends, using my awesome camera more as an awesome camera and not as a point-and-shoot, as well as a laundry list of other things.
Instead, this is about all we've done this year so far: be sick, lie in bed, battle fevers, survive.
We all got sick before Christmas, then again a few days after Christmas, and now the big doozy (I'm guessing the culprit is influenza?!) hit our home last week.  Thank heavens for family living close by to help us take care of our kids when we could barely take care of ourselves.  (THANK YOU MOM AND DAD!)
And just when the girls seemed to turn a corner towards better health, their fevers spiked again last night. What gives?! 
It seems that there hasn't been enough honey, cinnamon, garlic, vitamin c, echinacea, water, and essential oils to keep us from this winter of illness.

However, it's kind of nice to have my Kenners want so much snuggle time.
 (Finally falling asleep to Bob Marley on iTunes)

 Look at that glazed-over look. :( As much as the "subdued Kenners" is a nice break from the "rowdy Kenners", I look forward to getting my old girl back!

I only need an extra set of arms because little Lila has also been wanting non-stop snuggles, and my laps and arms have been the cause of a few fever-induced fights between the girls. 

(Finally well-enough to sit up and snuggle my sick baby.)

As I spare you the details of the daily events of the infirm, I will say this: I will be doing some major heel-clickers once we're all well again.  
Stay healthy, everyone!  

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