January 14, 2013

The Story of my Fitness

Once upon a time, I used to be a pretty fit person. 
I ran and played a little volleyball and basketball in high school.
I ran some more and hit the gym to lift weights 4-5 times a week during college.
I took martial arts classes.
I spent a summer and fall working out under the tutelage of my BFF (now husband) and personal trainer. 
I spent a lot of time hiking.
When running became too much for my knees I took up spinning and yoga classes. 
 I've done Billy Blanks workouts and the infamous P90X.  I'm no fitness queen,  I've never run a marathon, but I've always kept in good shape.......until baby #2 came along, we moved to Alaska, I began working full-time, and couldn't seem to find a regular work-out routine in my very irregular schedule.  
I have tried to get back into the the groove of working out since last summer by lifting weights on my husband's home gym and starting up P90X again.  I have been physically able to push myself through the workouts, but I keep injuring myself--pulling something, straining a muscle, and then unable to workout for a week or so.
I really want to get back into shape, but it has been frustrating that my body can't seem to handle the workouts I used to easily do without getting injured (also, I've been too proud to dumb down my workouts to the level that my body probably needs to be at right now).  Grrr.
......so Santa had a solution called "Jillian Michaels workouts".  30 minute exercise routines that hit strength training, cardio, and core work and progress each week in difficulty.  Hopefully by starting out with shorter, less aggressive workout routines, I can work my way back to my prior level of fitness without hurting myself all the time.  
Now that I am officially over the stomach bug AND influenza, I have started getting up again at 6am and working out.  After a week of every muscle in my body being excruciatingly sore, I am really enjoying the workouts: not too long, but still long enough to fatigue my muscles and be dripping sweat by the end.  Please hold me accountable and and if you see me make sure I'm not falling off the wagon!  I purposefully avoided making any New Year's Resolutions related to fitness because those just seem to be cursed after about mid-February, so this is just my personal goal that I've had for nearly two years and I NEED to finally reach it!  
I need to find that Holly again who used to do the splits no-problem and go on a vigorous hike without threat of losing my lunch. :)

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