January 27, 2013

Signs that you are no longer "hip" or "cool":

1. Using the word "hip" instead of something more current, like "trendy".
2. Having absolutely no clue what "gangnum style" is.
3. Never been on Twitter before.
4. Still hating the skinny jeans fad even though it's been going strong for several years (and disliking other trends such as pointy-toed dress shoes and toms and brightly-colored skinny jeans).
5. Whenever you do happen to buy a trendy article of clothing, you honestly look like a dweeb when you wear it and just can't seem to "pull it off".
6. Having someone compare your hairstyle to that of an Amish woman.
7. Losing interest in all your old, adventurous dreams (seeing the Egyptian pyramids, visiting Africa, snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef) because your new dreams includes a few days of solitude with a good book and catching up on a lot of lost sleep.
8. Not knowing what a "hashtag" is.
9. The following seem to be pretty big TV shows and you've never seen a single episode: Modern Family, The Voice, The Mentalist, Breaking Bad, 30 Rock, How I Met Your Mother, The Office, Downtown Abbey, The Big Bang Theory.
10. Taylor Swift kinda bugs the crap out of you.

All of the above may or may not apply to me directly. 
I am, therefore, officially an old fogey. 


Taffy and Tony said...

I'm right there with ya on pretty much all of those. (We don't even have TV!?!)

Olivia said...

Most of these apply to me, and I'm only 20. I keep telling myself I've got to get with the program, but I just don't quite know how...haha

Holly June said...

We don't have TV either. Haha!! Glad we aret the only dinosaurs around. ;)

Camber said...

Ha! I love this--and I'm so happy I'm not alone on the skinny jeans :)

Holly June said...

I think we should make being an old fogey the new trendy thing to do! ;)

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