September 16, 2012



Busy, fun, dedicated chiropractor
Exercise-aholic :)
Played "World's Best Mr. Mom" last week while I was sick
Becoming a true Alaskan after taking multiple hunting trips so far this season.

Recovering from the following: strep throat, mono, and colonoscopy.  Ick.
Starting to train new nurses at work (for better or worse!)
Speaking her mind in the "Employment Satisfaction Committee" at the hospital.
Mugging on her little munchkins all day long.
Chipping away at her fall/winter "to do" list.  (Finally painted the girls' bedroom!)

Big helper in the kitchen making lunches, snacks, and cookies with Mommy.
Loves to dance.
Her best friend/cousin, Kassi, has recently become her imaginary friend as well!  She walks around the house "holding Kassi" in her hand and even asks me to "hold Kassi for me" when she has to run to the bathroom.  Silly girl!
This week's awesome conversation:
  Me to baby Lila: Someday you'll be a big girl like Kenners and go poop in the 
  potty too!
  Kenners to Lila: Yeah, but you're still just a baby.  That's such a bummer.

Walking everywhere! (where did my baby go??)
Growing vocabulary~  "thank you", "beep", "nose", "baby", "bye bye", "no!", "get it!", "mama", and "daddy".
Finding her sassy voice as she learns to hold her own around her big sister-- it is so cuuuute right now, but I can see it getting old pretty soon here.
Has the cutest little curls growing on the back of her head.
Mommy's little snuggler. :)
Is becoming the family clown and knows all the silly faces to pull to get her attention and to keep us laughing.

 Snuggling with her sick mommy...... :)

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