September 16, 2012

At least he has Kenadie!

If you know Garrett well, then you're probably aware of his burning desire to have a little boy.  
When we found out that Lila was going to be a little girl (and maybe he'd be upset with me sharing this on the blog), he was seriously disappointed.  Of course he's crazy about his girls and wouldn't trade them for the world, but he acts as if life will not be complete without his "mini-me" to carry on the family name and play cornerback in high school football.  
Well, I have a little saying that I've told him several times: 
"If we never have a boy, then you'll still have Kenadie!"
Sure, she's into sparkly things and likes to twirl in pretty dresses, but this is pretty much her style most of the time:
 Scraggly, adventurous, loud, dirty, mismatched clothes, boots to splash in puddles with, a lot like a little boy!
And this little gal accompanies Daddy on his trips to Home Depot, the shooting range, Sportsman's Warehouse, etc.
She is his little shadow and has him wrapped around her little finger.
I wouldn't be surprised if she ends up going with him on hunting and fishing trips in the future or even if she weasels her way into playing football.  
Daddy's best little bud. :) 

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