September 16, 2012

Face lift for the girls' bedroom

I wish I had taken pictures of the girls' bedroom before this weekend, but picture if you will: kind of small, all the walls were painted a stormy, depressing, bluish-gray, not many pictures up on the walls (because I have been planning on repainting since we moved in last year!), and an ugly blanket hanging up over the window to black out the sunshine that persists at 10:30pm during Alaskan summers.
So it pretty much looked like a dark cave.  

Until today!  
Garrett and I spent yesterday repainting the room a very light aqua color, I put up some bright-and-happy $10 black-out curtains in the room, finally got some pictures hung up on the walls, stuck glow-in-the-dark starts all over the ceiling, and hung a glow-in-the-dark solar system (that Garrett found at a thrift store) above the girls' beds. 

It's no color-coordinated scene from Pottery Barn catalog, but I kind of like it that way.  
Just lots of bright colors. 
 Very Mary Engelbreit-esque!
(And goes with all the color in the girls' mod-podged Mary Engelbreit drawers.)
The only things left to do in order to complete the girls' bedroom~
Order some poster-sized pictures of my girls to frame and hang above their white dresser:

And paint the old rocking chair that sits in the corner (I claimed it from Grannie's barn last year all covered in bird poop!)

Now, what color should I paint it??


Meg said...

So fun! And it makes me happy to see that the quilt I made has found a purpose. Rocking chair...I say paint it yellow or green. It would contrast nicely with the pink and it could transfer nicely to a boy's room should the need ever arise. :)

Holly June said...

Meg, your quilt has been one of the most used of all my baby quilts and now that my babies are no longer little babies, I just couldn't bare to put it away!! It's my favorite! :). So why not hang it on the wall?! :). It's my reminder of my best friend. Love you.

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