September 26, 2012

From the mouth of Kenners

Don't you just love the funny things and phrases that kids say?  Keeps life entertaining, and Kenadie is no exception.  She is constantly making me laugh with what she says and I figured I should write some of them down so I don't forget and so that she can laugh at her cuteness one day. :)

When Kenadie doesn't want to go to bed at night (pretty much every night), Garrett and I often use the infamous "it's past your bedtime" explanation while pointing at the clock.  Kenadie loves to use this phrase, except she has given her own little flavor to this phrase by changing it to "past your clock".
Example: "Kenadie, let's get into your jammies now."
                "No, it's not past my clock!"
Example:  "Okay Baby Lila, time for a nap."
                 "Yeah, Lila, it's very past your clock."

Up until last week, Kenadie called a "video" a "vivo".  :)
I kept having to remind Kenadie this summer that she is now "3 years old".  I think she is hearing me say "3 you's old", because when people ask her how old she is, she smartly replies, "3 me's old!"
Around our house on Sunday, we try to focus on the Savior and on our family by refraining from most of our everyday activities--going out to eat, going to the store, going to sports games, etc.  This includes no TV (unless it is a church-related movie or cartoon, like VeggieTales or Living Scriptures).  Kenadie is not too thrilled with this rule.  Every Sunday afternoon she asks to watch My Little Ponies and is always met with the answer, "You can only watch church videos, Kenadie, because it's Sunday, and we don't watch other movies on Sundays."
We had a stormy, rainy, dark Sunday the other week and after Kenadie asked to watch a movie and was met with the usual explanation of why she couldn't, she stomped her foot and shouted, "It's not a Sunday, it's dark outside!  So I can watch a movie!!"
Apparently she does not yet understand that Sunday is a day of the week.
Kenadie has developed OCD about how her clothes fit and feel on her.  She has been hating long sleeved shirts, socks, church tights, and tags on the back of her shirts.  Just the other day after Garrett put a pair of corduroy pants on her, she began fussing and finally went up to Garrett and cried, "Daddy, these pants just busy me so much!!"

Kenadie, we love you. :)  

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