September 26, 2012

Awesomeness at 5am

Most people would probably hate to be woken up at 5am with a phone call.  Who would be calling at 5am?!  
Well, I love 5am phone calls!  They are rare but when they happen, it is because I am being told that I am being put on-call for work.  Instead of going in to work at 6:30am, I get to sleep in and hang out with my kids.  I have to be readily available to go in to the hospital should things get hectic and they need me to work, but if I DO get called back in to work that day, I get paid time-and-a-half!  Not a bad gig, eh?
Well, last Monday I got a 5am call!  Not only was I on-call, but my chances of being called back in to work were slim-to-none.  I had a whole, unexpected day to spend with my girls and do whatever my heart desired!
So I took my girls over to my mom's house and spent the day cooking and baking in my scrubs (just in case I did get called in to work).   
 We made the most delicious tacos thanks to Pinterest (find it here), I made some seriously yummy baked veggies flavored with Indian spices (I know, who makes Mexican and Indian food for the same meal?!), we finished off my mom's garden produce with a huge salad, my mom made my favorite Mexican dish, "Rajas con Crema" with fresh poblano peppers from her greenhouse, and for dessert we made my Aunt Bonnie's AMAZING Blue Ribbon Raspberry Pie that won her first place at the State Fair.
It was the best meal I'd had in years.  Literally.  Sooooo good!  
The Rajas con Crema:

Mexican cream, provolone cheese, grilled onion, tomato, and charred chile poblanos.  So much heaven, that I will need to post the recipe on here sometime.

Bonnie's Blue Ribbon Raspberry Pie

Layers of fresh raspberries, raspberry sauce, a sweet cream cheese filling, and semi-sweet chocolate "painted" onto the crust.
So good that I had to make it again the other day.   

Thanks to my mom for treating me to a fun day of cooking and visiting.  Bigger thanks to the folks in the Valley who decided to stay healthy instead of being admitted to the hospital so that I could be put on-call.
I'll take those 5am calls anytime. 

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