September 10, 2012

Starting the Season off with a Bang

What better way to usher in the seasons associated with colds, flus, etc than to contract strep throat and mono at the same time!?  
If you've never had the pleasure of having this two-for-one, let me sum it up with this: I was barely able to audibly squeak to Garrett on Friday night, "I think I'd rather be in labor."
Now that I have recovered to the point of being able to get up and feed myself, I get to prepare myself for a colonoscopy tomorrow.  How lucky am I?!
All sarcasm aside, being sick serves the wonderful purpose of making me feel extremely grateful for the times when I am healthy.  It also gives me an opportunity to fall in love with my husband all over again as he tends to the children, plays nurse to his infirm wife, cooks, does laundry, and cleans the house, all without a hint of drudgery.  I really picked a winner.
Thanks to my sweetheart for all you do. :) 
 I have also rekindled a love affair with Pinterest, particularly the "Home Decor" and "DIY" sections, and I now have projects lined up to last me the rest of my life. :)

I'd have to say the worst part about being sick (besides the obvious physical reasons), is the inability to play with my munchkins, and they've been begging for Mommy's attention (warms my heart) as I lay on the couch like a slug.   But I have been loving watching Lila do the "Frankenstein walk" around the house all day long.  The little lady FINALLY decided to use walking as a means of transporting her cute little body from A to B about a week and a half ago and she is soooo proud of herself.  
She has also developed some mad lip-syncing skills thanks to her Aunt Sadie: 

And then there's Kenners, who ran out of my bedroom looking like this and sayings, "Look, Mama, I'm so silly!"

It's nice to have so much built-in entertainment surrounding me.
Makes sickness so much more bearable! :)

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