September 3, 2012


The berries are on!  
I think nearly 6 gallons of raspberries have been picked from my mom's berry patch this past week (with PLENTY more still to come), We've also picked a gallon of my mom's black currants to be made into jam, and a few days ago we headed to the mountains with the kids to pick another gallon of blueberries.  So what in the world are we doing this all these berries??

Making a family favorite: Raspberry Royal Cake:
(It may not be the best, most appetizing picture, but it is seriously the YUMMIEST cake!)

Making loads of freezer jam (to go with my experimental "nuts and bolts" whole wheat bread where I've mixed a bunch of steel cut oats, rolled oats, and flax seed into the dough--yummy!):

Freezing berries to enjoy throughout the winter: 

We've also been making a lot of reeeally good syrup with the berries for crepes and french toast.  Not to mention my new favorite dessert: a bowl full of raspberries with half and half and a pinch of sugar on top.  So good! 

So we're pretty much in heaven over here.  


Camber said...

Holly, your blog should be an advertisement for Alaska, because every time I read it I'm a tad jealous I don't live there. Gallons of raspberries?! Raising sheep for the fair?! Hunting CARIBOU?! It all sounds so exciting. Also, your girls are soooo cute!

Talia said...

Oh my word! So wishing I had buckets of berries!! And I love how big and open your kitchen is.

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