September 3, 2012

Hunting Season!

A few weeks ago, hunting season opened up and on day #1 Garrett was out hunting for caribou with one of his buddies.  As luck (or skill) would have it, Garrett got a young caribou on his first shot!  When he texted me the news, I have to admit I was a little bummed.  My only experience with caribou is that it's pretty gamey-tasting, and I had been hoping that he would come home with a big moose to stock our deep freezer.  However, he promised it would be tender and delicious and when he cooked up some tenderloin the following night, I experienced the BEST tasting, most tender meat I had ever had in my life!  The secret?  My manly man shot that caribou right in the heart, killing it instantly.  I guess the presence of a lot of blood and adrenaline in the muscles of an animal before it dies is what gives it that gamey taste, and both were absent in this caribou's muscles.  Way to go, babe!

I have been completely converted to caribou meat!  While many women may roll their eyes and reluctantly let their spouses go on hunting trips, I'm practically pushing Garrett out the door to go again so we can stock up our freezer with the most organic, yummiest meat you can get.  Wouldn't it be awesome to not have to buy meat ever again?!

1 comment:

rawhide said...

That's awesome!!! The animal looks a little bizarre but way to love that meat.

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