August 24, 2012

Fall Repurposing Project #1

As I mentioned in my last post, I have a long list of projects I'd like to accomplish around the house this fall/winter.  Most of them will be a little time-consuming and will have to wait until this summer is officially over (after the State Fair), but one small project couldn't wait.  It was an eyesore that was grating on nerves every time I walked into my girls' room: their cheap, plastic set of drawers filled with their socks and shoes. 
 Now I definitely don't have the expensive Pottery Barn taste nor do I find the need to go buy another piece of furniture when the plastic drawers are still fully functional, but plastic drawers for clothes?  It was just a little sad to look at.......until I was going through pictures I had saved from some old Mary Engelbreit calendars I had (I have a Mary Engelbreit obsession and would love to completely decorate the girls' room with her art and colorful style).  I don't have any use for the pictures and they've just been taking up space in my clutter--er, craft area, but they're just too cute of pictures to toss.  So I cut up a few of the pictures into squares and mod podged them onto the inside of the plastic drawers to create a quilty/mosaic look. 
Here is the result: 

A cuter and more whimsical set of plastic drawers.  
Still plastic, but kind of fun, no?
 Fall Project #1: complete.  Nerves after not having to look at socks and shoes through clear, plastic drawers: no longer grated.

1 comment:

Talia said...

Such a cute idea!! I LOVE Mod Podge!! Sometimes I feel like I could cover the world with it. :)

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