July 2, 2012

"RIght next door or miles apart, sisters are always close at heart"

The absolute best thing about living in Minnesota was getting to see my sister, Katie, all the time. 
We usually spent 2-3 days a week together.
She was there for the birth of both my girls. 
We saw Kenners and Brookie become BFF's (even a year later, Kenadie still claims that Brookie is her best friend and often tells me that "Brookie is coming to my house today and play!".  So sad.)
We babysat each other's kids.
We usually had Sunday dinners together.
We had a lot of fun girls' nights out together.
I've never cried so hard saying goodbye to someone as when I said goodbye to her when we moved to come up to Alaska.
I miss my sister like crazy.
I remember 3 years ago being in pre-labor with Kenadie and thinking how cool it would be if she came on July 1st so she could share her birthday with her Aunt Katie (the little stinker was born a day later). 
Though our high school years saw us fight like cats and dogs, Katie and I have been close friends throughout our lives.
I feel so lucky to have such a loyal, fun, inspiring sister to look up to.

Happiest birthday to the best big sister and auntie and in the world.  

I love you, Katie!  

1 comment:

Ellis family said...

Aww, thanks sister! I love you and miss you more than life itself!

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