July 2, 2012

Kenadie at Three

Her favorite color is purple, 100%.

She is such a beauty when she sleeps.

She still has a few little dyslexic words and phrases that I LOVE: "cockeelah" for chocolate, "paper toilet" for toilet paper, and "stick lips" for lipstick. 

She does, however, speak quite well for her age and between that, her height, and her long hair, she looks more like a 4-5 year old than an almost-3-year-old.

Of course Daddy is still her favorite person. 

She loves to go to Nursery at church.

I asked her who her favorite friends are the other day, and she replied, "Brookie, Kassi, and Jesus."

She knows all her colors, letters, and numbers.

She is a rough-and-tumble girl and will get dirty whenever possible. 

She keeps us laughing!  The other day at the park she kept pulling me over to the sand and saying, "Mommy, marry me!"  I was so confused.  "You want me to marry you?"
"YESSSS!  Just marry me in the sand, okay!?"
"Um.....do you mean, BURY you in the sand?"

She is really starting to play well and share with Lila.  Instead of hitting or kicking her, she uses her aggression to try and force her to play with her.  It's kind of cute to see.

She is still an awesome tantrum-thrower.

Her favorite songs: "Daddy's Homecoming", "Call me Maybe", "Here I Go" and "I Want to be a Princess".

She has become quite attached to her Grandma Willardson who watches her most days when I work.  She asks everyday if she can go to Grandma's house.

She has an obsession with her daddy's i-phone and can navigate it better than I can! 

She loves chocolate.  LOVES.  Those are some strong Christensen genes!

She also loves to make her mommy melt by giving her surprise snuggles and hugs and saying, "I just need some 'mommy love', okay?"

She reeeeally loves to sneak into her mommy's make-up to make herself "pretty-pretts".  

She LOVES the water!  Luckily she has finally contained herself from playing in the toilet, probably because I'll let her play in the bathtub for an hour every day.

Her favorite meal: salmon, coconut rice, and BROCCOLI!

She is still frightened of loud noises and runs away at the sound of the blender, hair dryer, and the flushing of toilets in public bathrooms.

She has the most beautiful long hair.

Her beautiful hairstyles last for about an hour before they become rats' nests. 

She has requested a butterfly birthday cake for her birthday this year, so I better get crackin' so we can celebrate tomorrow!

Happy 3rd Birthday to my sweet and sassy little Kenners!!! 
Can't believe it's been three years since you introduced me to the crazy, fun, exhausting, rewarding world of motherhood.
My how the time flies!  

               I love you, little girl!

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