June 29, 2012

Must Get Organized!

I'm in an organizing mood.
It's so bad; kind of like I'm nesting but I'm not pregnant.
A list of my "to-do" projects:

~ Organize the garage (as soon as I can score some good second-hand shelving)
~ Organize all the food storage we bought (it's sitting in the middle of the spare bedroom with all Garrett's chiropractic equipment)
~ Go through and update our 72-hour kits
~ Organize our crawl space
~ Create a second pantry out of a miscellaneous closet that currently has no shelving
Paint and organize the girls' bedroom
~ Pick out and put up curtains for our windows

So what am I doing about all this?  Eating brownies and playing scrabble on my phone in-between having a lively, political Oberg debate over facebook, taking care of a puking toddler, doing the grocery shopping (I go at 6am to avoid the crowds but MOSTLY to enjoy shopping without the children), and staying up at night with a sick baby.  Now, why can't I seem to get my organization projects done?
Hmm.......so between our mini family vacation to Seward next week, Kenadie's birthday party, my cousin's wedding, and my brother's family coming into town......I should get started on these organization projects by this fall!
Never mind though, I love busy summers!

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