June 29, 2012

A Bit of Earth

During my years of apartment living, I would think to myself how I couldn't wait to live in a house and be able to plant and tend to my own garden.
Planting flowers, vegetables, and weeding was a big bonding source in my relationship between me and my mom.  
I had zero clue about HOW to keep a garden because I just did whatever my mom told me to do in the garden, but I still loved being in the garden and looked forward to a time when I could have my own.
Fast forward to this spring when I didn't make the time or effort to plant a single flower at our rental home.  Shame, shame!
Enter my mother.
For my birthday she gave me with a whole flat of flowering plants and pots of flowers, mint, basil, and cilantro.  
Aren't moms the best!?
Confession: despite dutifully watering and tending to my plants the past few weeks, a lot of them are starting to look like they are slowly dying, particularly the flower bed. 
I guess I did not inherit the Oberg green thumb after-all!? 
Sad day!
Luckily, I took some pictures of my plants before their tragic turn towards poor health.....

Hopefully my resuscitation efforts will be successful, because it's just so fun to have a little bit of earth to tend to again. 

1 comment:

Tina said...

I'm pretty sure none of us inherited the Oberg green thumb...except maybe Amy?? :) I know Heather and I have killed our fair share of plants, but I get better at not killing them each year, so I feel there is hope! :) So fun!

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