June 29, 2012

Perfect Summer Days

I realize that I am probably an annoying cheerleader for all things Alaska.
I can't help that I love it here.
But please don't think that I'm delusional.
Even I am aware that this hasn't been a sunny, hot summer,
 and I wish we'd have a few more days that actually FEEL like summer.
On the other hand, I will refrain from complaining about the lack of heat or the rain we get in light of all the wildfires in Colorado.  I guess I'll take the rain and cool over that......but I digress.
Summer exposed its beautiful face last week and we enjoyed afternoons at the park as well as a day at the lake swimming, sunbathing, eating fruit, getting sunburned, and admiring the blue sky and green mountains.  It's days like those that remind me why I live here.  

And I'm feeling optimistic that we'll have more of those summer days ahead of us. 

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