June 5, 2012

Blogging Difficulties

We've been pretty busy lately: 
trips to the park, a family day trip to Talkeetna, gardening, cooking, baking, working, playing, and the list goes on.....
Somehow I just feel like I can't blog about all this without posting some pictures, because who wants to read a blog post without pictures, right?  I'm pretty sure that the pictures are the only things my family pays attention to on here anyway.  
Luckily, I've been taking plenty of pictures.
Unfortunately, I think my computer is getting to be quite senile (in computer years, of course) because it has not been allowing me to upload any of my pictures and doesn't even recognize my camera or phone when I connect it to my computer with a USB cable.  In addition to that frustration, I have recently spent hours and hours creating family photo albums from the 1,000's of pictures we have on this computer only to discover that I cannot order and print them because the software is too old and outdated to be recognized.  So all those tedious hours of organizing pictures and creating albums that I can't even order and print!  Frustrating, but not surprising.  This computer is 7 years old after all.  I can't really complain as it hasn't given us any problems in 7 years.  It's always been fast, never had a virus or glitch.  I love our Mac, I'm just afraid that it's days are numbered.
In the meantime, just imagine in your mind pictures of the cutest little girls you've ever seen getting into all sorts of mischief and having fun, as well as pictures of a few new recipes I've tried, the closet-full of food storage we recently bought, and the loaves of whole wheat bread I've been able to start baking again now that I have wheat to grind into flour.  
All is right in our world. :)

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Crystal @ 29 Rue House said...

I'm working on a family photo album using MyPublisher - I actually need to get on it. If you sign up for their emails you can get really good coupon codes (60% isn't unheard of). I need to finish my book first and then I'll wait for the best coupon code to come along so that I can order it.

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