May 27, 2012

Once again, I love Craigslist!

One of my hopes for the summer was to make a bed for Garrett and I using the template and directions from Ana White's website.
Garrett and I have been sleeping on the floor for the last 5 years and while I really haven't minded it all that much, it just feels like it's time to have a bed.
A few weeks ago, Garrett was perusing craigslist for a tricycle for Kenadie's birthday and he apparently got sidetracked and began looking for beds.
Not only did he find a nice bed and bed-side tables that matched our dressers perfectly, but they were listed for less than it would have cost me just to buy the wood to make them myself.  

Can I just say that I feel like much more of a grown-up now that i have a big-girl bed instead of a mattress on the floor? 
Also, I'm kind of glad that I can now use the time I would have spent making a bed doing other things.  Oh, the possibilities...... 

1 comment:

The Allen Family said...

I love your new bed! Seriously craigslist is the best. What a fun little gym you guys have to play at too. My kids would be in heaven there. Miss you guys!

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