May 27, 2012

Let's play a little catch-up!

If you had an extra 14 hours a week what would you do with it?
Well, here's what I've done with my new-found, extra 14 hours.......

1) I have not been blogging, obviously.   :)
2) Last week I took Kenadie on a mommy-daughter date to the gymnasium where she loves to get her wiggles out.

3) Kenadie loves to watch "Tangled" while she sprays my hair down and then brushes it over and over.  When I'm not available for her to practice her hairstyling techniques on, she recruits Lila, who has mostly been very patient and tolerant of having her head sprayed and brushed relentlessly.

4) The other night Garrett pulled out the hiking backpack because, he-llo, it's finally summatime and there are mountains to be hiked!  My goal is to finally hike Pioneer Peak this summer (which I hear is much more of a challenge than Mount Timpanogos, so I don't think I'll be taking the babies along for this one):

5) Kenadie found an interesting favorite use of the hiking backpack.  What a goof.

6) We've been blinding the world with our pasty-white skin as we spend hours at parks and sitting on Grandma's front lawn enjoying the warm sun!

7) I've been happily capturing Lila on camera as she starts cruising furniture, waving bye-bye, and giving kisses.  This little cherub will turn one in less than two weeks!  Hello time, where have you gone!?

8) We just spent the day today at my uncle's cabin that sits near a pond with an amazing view.  We watched the beavers swim around their dam, admired the swans floating around the pond, had barbecued ribs cooked over the campfire, ate dutch oven peach pie for dessert, and let the kids run wild and completely cover themselves in dirt.  Loved every minute.

Happy summer, everyone!  We've been loving it so far and have plans to completely exhaust ourselves with playing outside every moment we can.  And please, if you feel so inclined to come spend your summer days in the best possible way, we'd love for you to visit us in Alaska. :)

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