June 5, 2012

Taking advantage of the sunshine!

(Apparently all I had to do was bang on the computer and it started cooperating and uploading photos.  Why is it that banging on appliances/electronics the most effective way to get them working again!?)
So the weather this summer hasn't been the best.  While my mood isn't affected too much by weather, we have still loved every sunny day and have been taking full advantage:
We've taken several trips to the parks in town.  Kenadie particularly loves the A-Moose-Ment park and when she was looking through the pictures below today, she shouted, "Yay!  That's my favorite park!" 

The other day we took a family stay-cation and drove up to Talkeetna to enjoy the delicious home-cookin' at one of the local restaurants, throw rocks in the river, take pictures of the beautiful Mt. McKinley (and help dozens of tourists get pictures of themselves in front of the mountain), and tour the Birchworks Birch Syrup factory where we learned how birch syrup is made and enjoyed some amazing birch syrup ice cream.  

Beautiful Denali (or Mt. McKinley, as most outsiders know it by):

While I've been doing a little gardening with my mom, Kenadie has taken to abandoning her clothes to run down the slip and slide.

here's my little mini-me!:

Because of our shortened Alaskan summers, we opted to give Kenadie her birthday present a little early this year so she can fully enjoy it until the snow flies:

She is in heaven with her little tricycle and has been asking first-thing in the morning if she can go ride on it.

Between all these activities, we are wearing Kenadie out!  

It still doesn't keep her from crawling into bed with us at 4am (so glad we have a king-sized bed!), but at least she's now exhausted enough to go back to sleep and let Mom and Dad do the same.   Hallelujah! 

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Jenny said...

I'm glad your computer decided it wanted to upload pictures of your sweet family : ) The girls are so adorable (and sooooo big!).

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