June 18, 2012

Baby Lila Turned One!

Because of our work schedules and busy week, we had to celebrate Lila's birthday a few days late (June 9th).  And because of said busy week, I had decided to decrease my workload (and forever be labeled as the lazy mom) by buying a birthday cake.  I just didn't know when I'd have time to make and decorate one!
Upon hearing this plan, my neighbor and good friend, Sara quickly volunteered--or rather begged--to make Lila a cake.  She is an incredible baker and cake decorator.  I felt so bad having her go to all he work, and while I did help out some where I could, she was definitely the mastermind behind the final product of all the little "critter" cupcakes, and Lila's personal cake.  It was the cutest little birthday creation I've seen.

Thank you so much, Sara! 

Unlike her sister's first birthday, Lila took her time poking and prodding at the cake before deciding that she was okay diving in and then devouring the cake by the fistful.

She really got into her presents, too (of which I took no photos), but I think Kenadie was even MORE excited about her presents.  It's been a good lesson for her to learn that not every toy in this house is hers. :)

And obviously, the party was so much fun and sugar-filled, that some folks couldn't stay awake long enough to make it to present-opening.
(Aren't my Grannie and Grandpa the cutest!?)

Happy Birthday, sweet baby Lila!  Oh, how we love you!

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Violet Rose said...

Holly, those cakes were so adorable! I want to learn how to do that!! Your babies are so cute! I love reading and "catching" up with your blog.

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