December 19, 2011

This 'n That about Kenners

 If I ever call Kenadie by her name these days, she points to herself and firmly reminds me that, "No!  My is Astro Boy, Mom!"
Not even "Astro Girl".  It's "Astro Boy".  
Got it?  Good.

We were getting ready to go to my cousin's wedding reception the other night.  I decided to doll Kenners up and curl her hair in hopes that it would hold for the church the next day when I worked and Garrett would have the girls by himself. 
It took a lot of work and bribing to get her to cooperate, but she looked sooo cute by the time I was done.  I tried to take pictures and this is what I got:

Then two minutes later, she snuck into Lila's headbands and decided to further beautify herself...

She just kept saying how "gorgey" (or "gorgeous") she was. 
I couldn't stop laughing.  Does the image of Sloth from "The Goonies" not pop into your head?


Kenners LOVES to dance, and pretty much had the time of her life at my cousin Rachel's wedding.  


Kenadie has also taken to wearing my name tag from work.  

She is fixated on the fact that mommy goes to work and always remembers to add to her nightly prayers, "Thank-you Mommy work." 
If ever I'm out of her sight during the day--even if it's just go to the bathroom for a minute--I'm sure to hear her shout throughout the house, "Mo-om!  Where you?  You go to work??"


Kenners becomes more of a daddy's girl every day.  It is precious to see how much she adores her dad and looks to him every time she is sad, scared, or upset.  I'm so grateful that my girls have such a great dad.  :) 


Boy, do I love this girl!
She is so spunky, sassy, funny, and an all-around-good-little-girl.  She definitely has a temper, but she also has her very sweet and tender side that has been coming out more and more lately.  Above all, I can always count of her to make me laugh everyday.  Definitely the little spark in this family.  :)

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