September 7, 2011

Reason #584 why I love Alaska:

I mean, really!
Each head of lettuce could feed an army.
Best time of the year to be in AK.

And reason #585:
It has been much easier to find employment here than in Minnesota.
  I got a job! Woohoo!
  I will be working as a nurse in the hospital on the medical-surgical floor and pediatrics floors.
It still is not my dream job of being a labor and delivery nurse.....
...but, it's close to home (no commute!),
I get to be in the hospital again,
and it's a job, for heaven's sake!
I'm really looking forward to using all my "skills" again. 
You know: starting IV's, inserting NG tubes, the whole shebang. 

I have to admit, I've been getting a little teary-eyed just thinking about leaving my little munchkins to go back to work full time. 
I definitely look forward to the day when I can just be a full-time mom.
But until then, I'm grateful to have a profession that I actually enjoy
and that I have been able to find good employment in an economy like this.  What a blessing!
Plus, I don't start until October, so I get to spend another month soaking up precious time with my little ladies.
Life is great.
And have I mentioned that I love Alaska!? :)


Meg said...

Holy big lettuce! Wow, Holly! You make me want to come visit again. :)

Congrats on the job, too. Alaska is much better for having you back to take care of their patients.

Kristy said...

Hmmm, let's talk again during the winter and see who's having a better time :) Glad to hear you got a job! Yay! They're lucky to have you. Give some kisses to your darling girls from me.

The Allen Family said...

Holy lettuce!!! Those look yummy! I am so glad that you found a job. It sounds like you will like this one better than the one in Minnesota. I am so glad you guys are settled and loving where you are at! I bet Kenners is on cloud 9! Miss you like crazy. If you are coming to Utah anytime soon call me!

Tina said...

Holy lettuce is right!? Amazing! And congrats on the new job! It sounds like Alaska is suiting you guys just fine! Love it!!

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