September 5, 2011


All summer long I've been looking forward to moving to Alaska for the simple fact that Kenners would have all the space in the world to run around and play.
I envisioned that all the space combined with being surrounded by her grandparents, aunties, and cousins would make her a very happy girl and perhaps would result in fewer assaults on her baby sister.
Well, Alaska has not disappointed!
I've never seen her better behaved and I've definitely never seen her happier.
I've never had to change 3+ muddy outfits of hers every day either, but it's been well worth it!

She LOVES grandpa's four wheeler and would like to be on it 24/7.

 She is finally understanding that sometimes the four wheeler has to "take naps" so she can't always ride it.

Most every morning she feeds the animals with my sisters, rain or shine.
Kenners also loves to sit in the Fisher Price car and talk to herself.

And what two year old can resist make massive messes when given the opportunity!?

She is learning to share and has been placing everything that is within reach into her baby sister's lap.

Grandpa has insisted that this busy bee doesn't have energy, she has "Kenner-gy"!  

(um, that is a knee pad that she insists on wearing around her chest) 
Grandpa also calls her the "Kenner-gizer Bunny" because she, you know, "keeps going and going".
Our move up here to Alaska hasn't been without its stresses as we are figuring life out (and there is a lot to figure out!), but I have been having a blast observing Kenadie have so much fun. 
The only downside?
 She is thousands of miles away from her Ellis cousins, and when she asked to go to "Bwookie's house" the other day, I had to fight the lump out of my throat. Ellis fam: are you ready to move to AK yet??  We miss you. :(


this blog author said...

Love your new blog lay out. And, LOVE the photos of your girlies. SO cute. I wish I had all the energy that Kenners has. She will be the perfect mate for Maxx. :)

Love and respect, always! Cheryl

Tara and Bryce Raleigh said...

ahhhh!! can we play next week?? PLEASE!!!!

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