August 31, 2011

How I Deal with Telemarketers

It has been quite a few years since I have had a land line and have had to deal with telemarketers.
I feel for telemarketers.  A thankless job where no one wants to talk to you....
...but all the same, I can't stand telemarketers! 
I'm not rude enough to just hang up on them
but once I let them start their spiel, they will never stop or back down when I say "no, thank-you".
Thank heavens for this modern age of caller ID when I can see an 800 number or "caller unknown" show up on the phone to warn me not to answer the phone. 
However, telemarketers are relentless (or very dedicated to their job) and keep calling.
This has been super annoying since we've been crashing with my parents who actually have a land line (and many-a-telemarketer call every day).
The phone is ringing off the hook.
So a few days ago I came up with a different solution besides just ignoring the phone when it rings every 10 minutes:
I let Kenners answer the phone
and allow her to jabber to the telemarketer all she wants.
So far today, we've seen a dramatic drop in the number of phone calls from telemarketers.  
Sometimes, I think I'm brilliant.

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