September 9, 2011

Fair Time!

After a 10 year absence, I was finally able to go back to the Alaska State Fair this year.
Definitely not the caliber of a state fair like Minnesota's,
but the Alaska State Fair used to be my life every year those first two weeks of September.  7am-7pm.
Showing my sheep, auctioning my sheep, working shifts in the petting zoo, eating funnel cakes and BBQ turkey legs, and riding the rides that would now probably make me puke.
The fair was a little different this time without having a 4-H animal but having 2 little kids.  Different meaning a complete blast.
I still worked a shift at the petting zoo for good times' sake.
But the rest of the fair was just about having a lot of fun with Kenners while Lylee tagged along pleasantly like the sweet little baby that she is. 
Kenners loved the barn animals and all the fun rides (which she never wanted to get off of).

We ate delicious fried "fair food".
We watched my beautiful and talented niece Alani sing and play her guitar on the Bluebonnet stage and for Alaska's Got Talent. 

I also worked very hard to get Kenners to stop staring at the very, umm....interesting people that state fair crowds attract. (Could hardly blame her though.  Yikes.)
And I marveled at the patience and contentment of my little Lylee while we drug her around day after day at the fair.

I think we're good and worn out from the fair.
Now bring on the fall/hot chocolate weather/crafting season.
I have some good projects in mind for this winter and I can't wait to get started....

1 comment:

Tara and Bryce Raleigh said...

yes and playing and crafting with us better be on your agenda!!! :) love you guys!

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