July 7, 2011

How to make Kenners happy on her birthday weekend:

(Pretend I posted this a few days ago.  I'm a little tardy.....)

1.  Take her swimming on Saturday morning.

2. Take her to the park

3. Find baby fwoggies at the park (which she was obviously tickled about!)

4. Go to TGI Friday's for dinner where the waiters all sing her "Happy Birthday" and give her ice cream topped with two candles that she can blow out.  She LOVED it.

5. Take her to Nursery on Sunday where she can spend 2 hours playing with the baby dolls and strollers (luckily, that's exactly what she's getting for her birthday!)

6. Take her swimming again Monday morning.

7. Allow her to go on a Daddy-daughter outing while Daddy runs some errands.

8. Take her to her Ellis cousins' house where we welcome "Bwookie" home from Alaska and have a yummy great 4th of July barbecue.

9. Allow her to actually drink soda!

10. Take her to the park with her cousins while we wait for the fireworks to start.
Blowing bubbles with her cousins...

Sweet Lila caught a cat-nap before the fireworks, which I capitalized on....
11. Allow her to stuff her face with chocolate chip cookies.

12. Introduce her to the magical world of fireworks (which she thought was fabulous until a real big, really loud firework went off and then she spent the rest of the show with her eyes and ears half-covered).
Awesome fireworks...
Not so sure...

Hiding behind her hands and the blankey.....

13. Follow-up the fireworks show with firecrackers in the Ellis driveway (which Kenners enjoyed much more).

14. Follow-up this fabulous weekend with another one when we'll have an actual birthday party with Kenadies' cousins, complete with presents and a "fwoggie" cake. 

15. Buy her a puppy.

Okay, so I definitely did NOT do #15, but we stuffed everything else into the weekend.  We had a lot of fun celebrating the birth of our little girl, had a blast celebrating the birth of our great nation, and we especially loved getting to see our Ellis family again who we've missed so much! 

 .....and she's still hiding.... :)

1 comment:

Claire Christensen said...

What a fun, fun weekend. What are you going to do when you move to Alaska? What are the chances of the Ellis's moving up there with you?

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