July 2, 2011

All About the Birthday Girl

Two years ago today was one of the greatest days of my life.
It was the day that I became a mother and the day that our sweet and sassy Kenadie Nicole joined the family:

I'm well aware that 75% of my blog posts revolve around Kenadie (when you live with such a personality, how could they not!?), but I thought that since I tend to have a much poorer memory the older I get, I should write down just what Kenadie was like at 2 years old.....

~ Some of you might think your 2 year old is a genius speaking in full sentences, singing the ABC'c, and counting to ten.  Can Kenners do any of those?  Heck no!  But, can YOUR child speak Chinese??  Kenners can.....

~ Kenners also has an awesome way of speaking English.  For example, "cocklee-uh" is chocolate.  "Kee-uh" is kitty.  "Pee-uh" is pretty.  "Bock-ala" is broccoli, "uh-ho" is hello, and those are just a few.

~ She loves Bob Marley music.  Borderline obsession.

~ Like any toddler, she is an expert mess-maker.
 (Powdered sugar everywhere and half a bottle of perfume all over Kenadie)

~ She loves to sing: Disney songs, Pearl Jam, and her favorite singer as of late is her cousin, Alani.

~ She likes to try every type of vegetable on the dinner table.....she also likes to spit-out every single one after she's thoroughly chewed it. 

~ She loves the sand and loves the water even more. 

~ She loves to swim and with her life-vest will swim all over the big pool by herself. 

~ She loves playing with kids that are older than her and tends to boss around kids that are younger/smaller than her.

~ Bwookie is her BFF.

~ She is still crazy about her Daddy (and he's pretty nuts for her, too) and loves to sing "Daddy's Homecoming".

~ She is a dawdler.  This girl will not be rushed and likes to take her sweet time getting to where she's going while she sings, gabs to herself, and looks around.

~ Every time we leave the apartment, she fills her arms with toys and stuffed animals to bring with us.

~ She has an extremely loud voice (Oberg-style) but hates loud noises (like Lila's crying or the sound of the blender) and has learned to plug her ears with her fingers. 

~ She still loves "fwoggies".

~ This is her favorite "face" to make.  

She thinks she's hilarious and will use it to get a little attention, especially when she knows she's in danger of getting in trouble for smearing yogurt all over herself and the high chair.

~ And yep, she's still got those cheeks!

 No college professor has taught me more,
no comedian has made me laugh harder,
no final exam, physical work-out, or day as an ICU nurse has challenged me more,
and no other little girl has given me more joy than my Kenners

 Being this little lady's mom has truly been one of the greatest adventures of my life.  

She is quite a piece of work and just gets more fun every day.

Happy Birthday, Princess!  

We love you so much.


your math teacher said...

Well, now that I know Kenadie is 5 days older than Maxx, he will have to get on the ball and learn Chinese (she is VERY good!) and all the songs she sings. (He is into kicking any kind of a ball, telling his older sister her hair is "pretty", and kicking old ladies who wear protective boots on their feet!) The two of them will have quite a life- I think there will NEVER be a dull minute between the two of them. :)

She is a darling girl and I can see why she means so much to you. You have done a marvelous work thus far, raising and inviting her spirit to grow.

May she, and you, have many many more happy days to come. Happy birthday to your little lass. :)

The Allen Family said...

Oh my gosh! All of those videos were totally cracking me up. She has grown up so much since we left. Oh how I miss you guys. Happy birthday sweet little girl!

Misner Family said...

She is soooo cute! and this is the best post ever. I love all the videos, Happy Birthday Kennadie

Claire Christensen said...

What a special little blog for a special little girl! Such a cutie!!Happy Birthday sweet Kenadie!!!

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