January 4, 2011

Bipolar Christmas

Well, after a two week hiatus, we're back from our trip to Alaska and I'm back to trying to catch up on this blog!  I brought our lap top to Alaska with every intention to frequently update all our adventures with plenty of photos, but then the following happened:
*sore throat
*massive cough
*throwing up
*and just about every other cold and flu symptom you can think up.

I got super sick the day we arrived in Alaska and was finally well enough to look half alive for our last day there!  Unfortunately, I wasn't the only one who got sick.  In fact, only a few people managed to escape the crud that went around.  Garrett got so sick that his ear drum ruptured.  I know, sounds like an awesome vacation!?  But, despite all the illness, we actually still managed to enjoy the company of family and were able to somehow include the following during our trip:

*Skiing and snowboarding at Alyeska Ski resort with 65+ other family members
*Sledding at Hatcher Pass
*Shooting guns on my parents property
*Gingerbread house decorating
*Lots of amazing holiday food (including two nights of tortilla soup which I was actually able to eat and enjoy, yum!)
*A huge New Year's party complete with sparklers (which Kenners loved) and fireworks (which she loved a little less!)
*Helping Adee move into her new house
*Getting my hair cut by Adee (if you live in Alaska and need your hair taken care of, she is a.ma.zing!)
*Lots of fun giving gifts on Christmas, watching Kenners open hers, and even getting some awesome loot myself!
*A big breakfast with a few old high school friends
*A clear view of the full lunar eclipse and plenty of beautiful sunrises
*A little after-Christmas shopping--I got some new running shoes!
*Garrett got to go shadow several chiropractors in the area and even got a few job offers......so maybe Alaska will be in our future!?? :)
*Plenty of game nights and good visits with our families

Garrett even managed to take a few pictures....

Mom reading "The Shiniest Star" on Christmas Eve, from which Kenners has now inherited a new nickname: Tousle-head. 

 Watching (or falling asleep to) How the Grinch Stole Christmas

The Willardson family on Christmas morning

And I sadly have far fewer pictures of my Christensen family (grrr).  But here we are at Adee's new place!

 Love this picture of Adee in her awesome kitchen

I had so many thing on my "to do list" for our Alaska trip, but I'd say considering all the illness going around, I'm actually impressed that we got as much done as we did.  
Of course, it was SO HARD to leave!  I love being at home with all my family and all of Garrett's family.  We are so lucky to have so much family up there to visit!  I'm just sad that we couldn't play and party harder than we did.  We sure will miss all you Alaskans......especially Kenners.  She had the time of her life with her grandparents, aunties, uncles, and cousins.  She loved swimming at Alyeska.  She loved playing with Grandma Lila's little kitchen.  She loved all the space and attention.  I feel so sorry to be bringing her back to our tiny apartment with only me and Garrett for company, but it's time to get back to life, work, and school..... 
......and just to top off the theme of our vacation, we got home yesterday and Garrett and Kenadie spent all night and this morning taking their turns with the lovely stomach bug that's going around.  Gatorade all around!  And it looks like I will be taking multiple trips to the laundromat today......so I better get going!

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