December 19, 2010

Good Morning.....

Kenadie is sick.
Mommy is sick.
So we're staying home on the couch and watching Tinkerbell for the gazillionth time while Daddy dutifully goes to church. 
Too bad I'm looking around and noticing the many things that need to get done within the next 24 hours before we head off to this place for Christmas:

There's no place like HOME for the holidays
and to make Christmas even better this year
the majority of both sides of the family will be up in Alaska!
(For those who will not be there, we will really miss you!)

So though there's a lot to get done before tomorrow
I think the afternoon will just be spent napping and taking it easy,
because am I not about to let illness ruin this vacation!
Can't wait for the mountains.
Can't wait for the fresh air.
Can't wait to see family and friends.
Just one more day.....

1 comment:

Claire Christensen said...

Wow, what an incredible picture of Alaska! What time of year was that taken?

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