October 29, 2010

Thanks, Mom!

If you are an Alaskan, then I'm sure you have one of these in your kitchen ------->
If you aren't an Alaskan, then you probably don't know what this is, but you should still have it in your kitchen.  Thanks to my Alaskan roots, I grew up with several of these bad boys in Mom's kitchen drawer.  It may look like some Kung Fu weapon, but the ulu is actually the best pizza slicer/pancake cutter/all purpose kitchen knife in the world!  I didn't know how good life was with the ulu until I moved away from home and no longer had it handy when I made homemade pizza.  And I never understood just how much easier it made life until Kenners began eating finger foods and I needed to cut everything up for her.  

I told my mom a few weeks ago that I wanted an ulu for Christmas and began to get giddy knowing that in a few short months, I would be able to chop up Kenadie's spaghetti in 4 seconds flat.  

My mom must love me more than I thought, because when she sent me a package earlier this week (with some life-saving, no-puking meds), she threw in an ULU!!! 

Today I cut Kenadie's grilled cheese sandwich into bite-size squares in no time at all.  Life rocks!


~Crystal~ said...

We used to have one of those when I was younger (probably your Mom gave my Mom one), and it got lost and I totally forgot about it! K, now I need one. I might ask for the same thing for Christmas ;)

Tina said...

oh, I LOVE the ulu!! I have one at our house!!

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