November 1, 2010

Thank heavens for....Monday!?

After 2 Halloween parties, a busy day in Nursery, and a nail-biting Chargers game last night,
I am officially glad that it is Monday and no longer the weekend!  Whew!
Never thought I'd say that.

But it was definitely a fun weekend and a fun Halloween.
Kenners got to sport 3 costumes this year, the lucky little girl.
Garrett and I figured that it made up for our lack of costumes this year.  
Okay, so Garrett did go to one party as a chiropractor and I as a nurse.  
But considering our professions, those are about the lamest costumes ever. 
Just lame. 
(Pregnancy killed my creative streak with Halloween costumes this year.)

So you can decide which Kenner costume you like the most.... 
"The Fairy", worn at our church's "Harvest" party:

"The Angel", worn at her little friend Halle's "boo-day party":

and "The Cheerleader", which she wore yesterday and I'm sure is the reason for the Chargers' victory:

Cast your votes!

Speaking of Chargers,
it is probably no secret to any of my readers that I married into a family of die-hard fans.
And Garrett's brother, Tyler, just happens to have earned the title as "Best Brother Ever" for sending Garrett and I official Chargers Jerseys!  Woohoo!  
Tyler, you are awesome!
Especially since you got me a Philip Rivers jersey. 
(If I were to have a crush on an NFL player, it would probably be Rivers.)

And a few more pics of Halloween and Garrett's "The Eye" pumpkin, just for fun:

Happy November, everyone! 
I have an itch to pull out the Holiday music, but I have been strictly forbidden by Garrett to do so until after Thanksgiving.
Too bad he will not be around at all today to enforce this little "rule". :)


The Allen Family said...

Been listening to it all morning! Love it!

Crystal said...

I vote for the Fairy costume. I have also had that same itch for Christmas music - I can't wait until the radio is playing it 24/7!!

Tara and Bryce Raleigh said...

LOVE the new chargers picture! You know I have a fan here at my house too:) Have you guys decided where you are going to move? Hope you are feeling a little bit better...? Can't wait to see you at Christmas Kenners is just sooo cute!

Misner Family said...

Kennadie is so cute, but I like the fairy the best, and it was award winning! happy halloween

Claire Christensen said...

All the costumes are adorable! But I'm gonna have to go with the cheerleader!!! Go Chargers!!!

Nicole said...

um ya, she is the reason for the victory! Too cute!!!!

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