September 22, 2010


I turned around from scrubbing purple crayon from the living room carpet today to see this little display in between our couch cushions:

That girl, she really like things to be a certain way!
And lately, that "certain way" includes putting everything in the garbage can, even all her clothes: 

(Is this a statement on what she thinks of what I dress her in?)
I have lost my work phone, a toothbrush, silverware, and two binkies to this current little obsession Kenners has.
Happity day! 
Oh, yes.
I almost forgot.  
After living with the little rain cloud that has been looming over our apartment (due to the rough start that both BYU football and the San Diego Chargers have been experiencing this season), it sure was nice to see the Chargers show up, actually play football, and beat the pants off of Jacksonville.
It will also be nice to have a happy husband this week because of the win. :)
I'd like to think this Chargers victory is partially thanks to the team's little "good luck charm" who sat and watched the entire game and cheered them on. :)
Go Chargers!


Anonymous said...

I HEAR you about BYU. I am in mourning. Hope it gets better, and FAST. And, YAY, for the Chargers. I like them, too. LOVE the cutie pie mascot! C

And, that cracked me up how she likes to place her "art marking utensils". VERY creative and sure. :)

Anonymous said...

what a fun life you have. keep up the optimism in mothering!

Claire Christensen said...

what adorable Charger fans!

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