September 24, 2010

What a Day!

12:00am - receive a phone call from a blocked number.  It's some Hispanic guy who doesn't speak English but still won't speak a coherent sentence whe nI speak to him in Spanish.
12:01am - I hang up.
12:05am - phone call from same guy.  I hang up immediately.
1:00am - Kenners is crying.  I lay in bed and try to send good vibes of sleep to her from across the apartment.
1:20am - Kenners stops crying.
1:30am - receive another phone call from "Hispanic guy".  (I would turn my phone off, but I'm on call, so I can't!)  Garrett is getting ticked.  He grabs the phone and yells, "No hablo espanol!  Stop calling!!"  Then he hangs up.
2:00am - Kenners is crying again.
2:10am - I am a mean wife and nudge Garrett and plead for him to go take care of Kenners.
2:30am - After a diaper change (and a teething tablets and a bottle? I don't remember...) a disgruntled Garrett gets back in bed.
3:00am - Still awake because my sciatic nerve is killing me. 
4:30am - Wake up to burning hot cheek because somehow my heat pad (for the sciatica) has shimmied its way up the bed and ended up beside my face!?
6:40am - Alarm goes off. I hit the snooze.  Nuh-uh!  Not getting up after that night!

So after that restful night, here goes the day....

7:30am - Finally drag myself out of bed.
7:45-8:30am - P90X kickboxing workout, holding a cranky Kenners half the time (twice the workout, eh!?)
8:30-9:00am - Breakfast.  Garrett goes to school.
9:00-10:30am - Dishes, vacuuming, floors, bathrooms, kitchen, living room, Kenners room, everything's clean!  Hooray!
10:30am - Realize that Kenners diaper has not been changed since 2:30am (oops!) and she is now soaking wet and has left a puddle of pee on the carpet.
10:33am - Bath time for Kenners!
10:45am - scrub the pee-pee carpet
11:00am - Finally "get ready" for the day.
11:30-11:45am - Play time with Kenners.  Check e-mail.  A little HGTV :)
11:45am - Lunch.
12:00pm - Kenners takes a nap.
12:00-2:00pm - Work on my "quiet book" project for Kenners and do laundry.
2:30pm - Kenners is up and we're ready to get some grocery shopping done!
4:30pm - Make it back home and start unloading groceries into our building's shopping cart.
4:33pm - Realize that I locked my keys in the trunk of the car and I now have no way to get into the apartment.
4:35-5:30pm - Call Garrett and leave a dozen messages pleading for him to come home at let us in!  Try not to get flustered while Kenners throws fits in the hallway and the ice cream and frozen chicken breasts melt in the shopping cart.  Lovely neighbor guy opens his apartment door to glare at us for the noise Kenners is making.  Think about what a lovely fellow he is.  Waaaaaaait for Garrett to come.
5:33pm - Garrett gets home and I put the food away!  Garrett has a massage to give and in therefore unavailable for another 1 1/2 hours.
5:45pm - Make dinner: Chicken and (gluten free) dumplings with fresh apple crisp for dessert.  Yum!
7:00pm - Realize that my dinner-making and subsequent neglectful parenting have produced a messy home.  Never would have known that today was "house-cleaning day"; The Tornado Queen has definitely left her mark! :)
7:15pm - Eat dinner and dessert.
8:00pm - Quick bath and nighty-night Kenners.
8:35pm - Time to work some more on my quiet book....or relax....relaxing sounds so much better.....or maybe I'll just pass out so I can get up and go to work tomorrow......zzzzzz....


Claire Christensen said...

Oh Holly what a day is right! I am tired just thinking about it! I did the keys in the trunk thing also but I was in the parking lot of Costco. It was not pretty! But you do learn from your mistakes thank goodness and I have never done that again and I bet you won't either!

Anonymous said...

Days like that are the story of my life! Did you see my posting from yesterday...let's just say there was lots of goldfish crackers, and cat food involved!? :) I love reading your blog. You are so real and funny. All the kenners stories crack me up!! She is such a riot!

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