September 30, 2010


* Garrett is out of town for a few days to tour a whole foods supplement facility.  Exciting for him, sad for me and Kenners.  Not only is Kenadie missing her fAvORiTe person, but I really miss him! :(  I guess I'm just not one of those people who needs much alone/"me" time and home doesn't feel like home without Garrett.

* Kenners will now point to her belly button and proudly say, "Beep!"  Hush.  I think it's exciting and cute.

* I did a hard thing yesterday.  It made my hands shake and my heart race.  It was not like me to do this thing and it took me weeks to get up the courage to do it.  While I feel it was good and maybe even necessary, I'm just really hoping that good things will come from it.  And that's all I'm going to say about that!  :) 

* I finally splurged and bought Mockingjay.  I know it's been out for over a month; I guess I've been holding off for two reason: I didn't want to drop the $$ for the book like a true tight-wad, and I'm a little afraid of how it's going to I going to be completely crushed?  It's not going to be stupid, is it??

* My brother has a long layover HERE tomorrow on his way home from a med. school interview.  Kenners and I get to spend the entire morning with him!  I'm so excited! 

* I really want to know where we're going to be living in a year from now.  Too bad it's kind of completely unnecessary to know right now and not something I can control or decide on right now or by myself.  I am impatient. :) 

* We're going to take another trip to the corn maze this weekend.  Forecast: blue skies, mid 60s, and plenty of Kenner-cuteness.
* I get to hear the prophet of God speak this weekend for General Conference.  I am really so looking forward to this: inspired council, learning more about the gospel of Jesus Christ, goal-setting for me to be a better me, and pure family time allllll weekend long!

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Nicole said...

SO fun Holly! Brett was at the talent show tonight and I was amazed he was just hanging out with you this morning. "So close, and so far away." Those are some of the lyrics to the song Alani sang tonight!! How ironic, don't cha think? Hehe! Love you!!!!!
Oh byw, Adee is posting the vids of the kiddos on You Tube tonight or tomorrow!!! Yay!!

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