September 29, 2010


One day last week
Garrett came home from school and announced, 
"Honey, we are 1000s of dollars richer!"
For a minute I was expecting him to pull out a wad of $100s, but then he explained:
His professor--who no longer practices chiropractics so that she can teach full time--had a chiropractic adjusting table and two, large ultrasound/electro-stimulation machines (a few amazing chiropractic therapies) just sitting in her basement and she wanted to get rid of it all. 
She asked the class if anyone wanted them.
Garrett immediately volunteered.
And score!  
Garrett has a few basics he will need to start his practice in a year! 
The machines and table needed a few minor repairs, but Garrett fixed those right away. 
Good as new!  
.......except for the fact that we live in a teeny tiny apartment that is already a little crowded!
When Garrett and his friend brought the equipment home the other day,
I thought I would go insane!  I am not a neat-freak by any means, but the clutter and cramped space was driving me nuts.
So.......I did some major furniture re-arranging to fit our new "stuff" into Kenadie's room, and I think it turned out pretty well considering the space I have to work with! 
Kenners new room:

Dr. Christensen's new office:

He already has a very satisfied and loyal patient...

...who already knows how to position herself for an adjustment...

Wait till you hear her testimonial.  She pretty much thinks Dr. Christensen is THE best chiropractor she's ever had!

Since I had rearranged Kenadie's room, I went into de-clutter and cleaning mode.  I went through every corner of our apartment and threw out about 10 garbage bags of things that, while they are useful, aren't absolute necessities. (I'm embarrassed to say that I actually had that much stuff that I could throw out!)
And now: ahhhhh!  
 It feels so good to have a less cramped, more organized, sparkly-clean home.
So I guess we hit the jackpot for several reasons: 
$1000s in chiropractic equipment
and a clean, clutter-free home.

Oh, and here's the proof that the little devil you see tooting around in my title banner is actually a little angel :)


Yancy said...

That is so awesome! My stepdad has had the same tables for years. We were up at their place about a month ago and he gave both Leah and I an adjustment on one of his tables. I swear...they could be in a Chiropractic museum. They're awesome.

So glad you were able to get some equipment to get started. Hurray for free stuff!

Nicole said...

TOOOO CUTE!!!!! <3

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